Home January 19, 2021

Design Tips To Brighten Your Home

Gray skies and rain sum up wintertime here in the Pacific Northwest, but you can easily brighten your home to help you stay upbeat and alert. A little update can go a long way, especially for those of us still working from home. Here are some fun design tips to give your home a boost.

Let In As Much Sunlight As Possible

Nothing says bright and cheery like natural sunlight. There are various ways to optimize your home for maximum sun exposure. Closed rooms or bulky furniture are often culprits that shut out vital sources of light. Take a look around your space to see if you can move any furniture away from the windows so the light can spread more evenly throughout your home. Try leaving rooms open that face the east, west, or south so that the light can stream into other areas of the house. 

Embrace Light Colors 

Light-colored furniture, curtains, and rugs are excellent ways to add more light to your home. The colors can complement the natural sunlight that is already illuminating the room. Just make sure not to overdo it with soft colors. Otherwise, you’ll end up washing out that room. Consider adding a pop of color with a beautiful new wall hanging or with some throw pillows from a wonderful local shop like Conservatory Coastal Home. This will balance out the colors in the space and give that room a fresh new look. 

Purchase Daylight Lightbulbs

Natural sunlight is cool compared to the usual warm-colored light bulbs that we have in our houses. Replacing some of the lightbulbs, perhaps where your workspaces is, can provide a refreshing touch. Most lightbulb packaging will state if it mimics daylight. If not, anything between 3,500K – 5,000K light bulbs are a safe bet. 

Use Ambient Light

We all have corners in our house that just aren’t at the right angle to be lit up with anything. Pay attention to those dark spots and find ways to add a little bit of light. This can make a room feel more spacious and welcoming. Even a strategically placed lamp can open up an otherwise dusky corner. If you’re looking for a few new light fixtures, Furnish Bainbridge has some great options.

Add Greenery

Picking up some plants at your nearest nursery will add dimension and provide a vibrant, natural feeling to your living and work spaces. Not everyone has a green thumb, so some beginner-friendly plants to look into buying are Golden Pothos Vines, Spider plants, and Snake plants. If you are still unsure, the lovely staff at Bainbridge Gardens and Bay Hay and Feed can help you find the best plants to suit your needs.