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Great Eco-Friendly Products in North Kitsap

Celebrate Earth Day all year by making some of these swaps for reusable, natural, local, or waste-free options. These eco-friendly products help mother nature and are available across North Kitsap. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, we hope it will introduce you to some interesting options to help you get started. 

Eco-Friendly Items for Your Home 

Cloth napkins are the perfect alternative to single-use paper napkins. The Berry Patch, a kitchen store here on Bainbridge Island, has an array of cloth napkins and many other wonderful products.

Swedish dishcloths are gaining popularity as an alternative to sponges and paper towels. They’re reusable, easy to wash in the dishwasher or washing machine, and are compostable. You can find them in places like Nordiska in Poulsbo, which also has some other eco-friendly items for your home.

Keep your home smelling sweet with candles by Particle Goods, available at Danger in downtown Bainbridge. Particle Goods uses renewable soy, coconut wax, and essential oils. Ethically sourced and produced in Seattle, a portion of each Particle Goods sale goes to local charities working to empower social and economic equality and environmental sustainability.

Kingston’s Thistle Floral and Home also has soy candles, as well as locally-made, natural bath salts, stunning flower arrangements, succulent centerpieces, and more.

Delicious Options

Kitsap Fresh is your one-stop shop for local produce, eggs, meat, dairy, baked goods, and more. Selecting local, seasonal produce instead of long-haul shipped goods lowers the carbon footprint of your meal and keeps dollars in our local economy. This online farmers market co-op connects you to over 40 local farms and food producers. Some local brands and farms include CB’s Nuts, Oxalis Kitchen, and HeyDay Farm. Every weekend, you can easily order online and then pick up your order on Wednesdays at one of their many pick-up locations. Additionally, they offer home delivery in most Kitsap communities. 

Farmers’ markets are another great way to shop locally and sustainably. Fill up your reusable bags with fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and more. Watch our video to get a glimpse of what they offer.




Buying dry goods and other foods in bulk can reduce packaging if you use reusable jars and bags. We recommend Town & Country Markets in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. 

Environmentally-Friendly Products for Babies and Kids

If you’re looking for eco-friendly products for little ones, check out Poulsbo’s Toys Etc. You’ll find a fun selection of toys made from recycled materials, as well as cute wooden animals. Another great local option is Bainbridge’s Calico Toy Shoppe. Some of their environmentally-friendly products include Piggy Paint nail polish, which is vegan, non-toxic, and water-based, and BubbleTree, the first eco-friendly, non-toxic sustainable bubble system, which uses aluminum, reusable bottles.

Whichever eco-friendly products you choose to try, we hope you’ll try to shop small. Our community has many excellent local businesses, and we love that they’re often thinking about ways to live a greener life.