Home April 18, 2023

Interior Design Trends and Home Decor Inspiration

Now that spring is officially here, it’s a great time to shake off the winter grays. Infuse your place with new accessories that reflect fun trends and fresh seasonal vibes. Depending on your go-to sources for interior design trends and home decor inspiration, you may discover conflicting information for recommended colors, styles, and overall looks. But never fear: we’ve pulled together the top trends everyone seems to agree on.

Go Blue

While some design experts are touting earth tones and others bold colors, everyone agrees that blue is in. Whether it’s muted blues or eye-popping ultramarine blue, bringing more blue into your home is a good thing. From painting guest bathrooms to full-on living spaces, blue is the way to go. And having more blue in your life has surprising benefits, such as relaxing your mind and improving creativity.

Artistic Lighting

Elevate any room with artistic lighting. Think of your lighting as art, something that has a practical function and also a beautiful form. Good Housekeeping lists statement lamps as a top interior design trend, while Vogue mentions statement glass, such as Murano glass chandeliers. Obviously, this includes a wide range of lighting choices with everything from bold lamps to exquisite internationally renowned light pieces. But the takeaway is that in 2023, it’s time to up your glow game. Add artistic lighting that elicits oohs and ahs for much more than its standard illumination function.

Floor Art

Similar to lighting, rugs can really impact a room. While neutral rugs aren’t going away, bold rugs are brightening the interior design scene. This includes rugs with vibrant saturated colors, daring designs, and fun patterns. To make a bold rug work, you have to examine a space carefully and take into consideration other aspects of the room. Think about what other fabrics in the room will go well with a bold rug. We suggest shopping locally at stores here on Bainbridge Island. Check out Company C rugs at Danger or these Dash and Albert bestsellers at Furnish Bainbridge.

Sustainable and Conversational

A common thread throughout new interior design trends are items that are sustainable and/or conversational. Oftentimes, these two things overlap. When it comes to sustainability, people are looking for new furniture and decor made from sustainable materials. This is becoming a bigger part of the purchasing conversation. Others are buying furniture that’s made to last by avoiding big box stores and investing in antiques.

This is where the conversational piece comes into play. Home decor that has a story is always more interesting, whether it’s a beautiful piece of art you purchased on a trip or a stunning dresser you found at your local antique store. Items you invest in with stories are more likely to last and be passed down to other members of your family who also love and feel a connection to that piece. So in 2023, think about what is sustainable and memorable. These carefully curated pieces will add beauty and personality to your home.

As you look at new interior design trends and home decor inspiration, you may also want to consider your home’s outdoor ambiance, especially as summer approaches. Check out these outdoor dining ideas as you prepare to entertain guests and enjoy warmer weather.