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Gardening and Landscaping Q & A with Bainbridge Gardens

From house plants to landscaping projects, patio planters to vegetable gardens, if you are starting a plant project, having the help of an expert can be vital. We received some wonderful advice about how to create a lush greenscape in any sized space from the experts at Bainbridge Gardens. They graciously made time to answer our questions.

A local favorite, Bainbridge Gardens is celebrating its 65th year in business on Bainbridge Island. The garden center is operated by the third generation of the Harui family in the Island Center, which has been in the family for more than 100 years. Read on to gain insights and tips for your next gardening or landscaping project. 

What are some of the current landscaping and garden trends you are seeing right now?

Native plants have never been more popular, and for good reason!  Native plants require less maintenance. Some are deer resistant. Once established, many can survive on rainfall alone. Natives are good for the planet. They provide a sustainable habitat for native wildlife, improve air quality, and reduce soil erosion.

Indoor gardening continues to thrive.  We all have our favorite houseplants, and our horticulturist, Lisa, is always on the hunt for new varieties of those favorites to thrill houseplant collectors.

What is the best way to utilize a small space?

Grow plants up as well as out. Utilize hanging baskets and window boxes.  Carefully choose plants that don’t grow too large or take up too much space.  But feel free to have a few larger items like a citrus in a container or a potted tomato plant on a trellis to give your space interest. 

What is a small change you can make in a large space that has the most impact?

Consider creating a thriving ecosystem in your landscape with a variety of plants and flowers that attract birds, bees, and butterflies. The activity of nature is amazing to be around.

What advice do you have for someone doing a first-time DIY landscape project?

Book an appointment with our horticulturist, Jenni, to give you ideas on what grows well in the various parts of your landscape and how to handle challenging scenarios, like a landscape near a beach or a very shady part of the garden.

What can you do during summer to set your yard/garden up for success during the rest of the year?

Well, although we hope that you set up your garden in the spring so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor during the summer, you can start planning for the fall planting season. You can continue to plant vegetable seeds in the summer for a second crop in the late summer and fall.

Hot, dry summers seem to be the new normal. A planting tip from our horticulturist, Ax: When planting in the summer, dig a hole twice as wide as your plant and fill it up with water.  Let it drain and do it again. Saturating the soil prevents the water from wicking away from your new plant during the first waterings. Remember to create a healthy medium for planting by adding one part planting compost to two parts existing soil and a little fertilizer.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Bring in your gardening questions. Bainbridge Gardens has Certified Professional Horticulturists on staff to identify, diagnose, and coach you through your plant adventures. We love sharing the joy of the garden!

A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Bainbridge Gardens! If you’d like to connect with them, you can visit them here on Bainbridge Island, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, or on Instagram. For more helpful tips, check out our article on eco-friendly ideas to improve your home.